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By: Arsalan | June 17, 2016

Last week posted a video of Justin bieber brawl with the guy who is twice than him in cleaveland . in that video justin punched that guy twice and after that that guy fight back and took him down . Justin bieber is alone there , unfortunately his security or bodygaurds were not available at that time . Justin bieber is a huge superstar and incident like this is very shocking to me and all beliebers . but now he is okay and posted a photo of his face on his instagram account he wrote .... not a single scratch on this preety boy . . Few months ago , orlando bloom also punched bieber on his face . so we hope in future justin bieber avoid all these fist fights and concentrate on his music...

By: Arsalan | April 22, 2016

Yeah :) This is My first blog ... I want to say that I created this website to share news from entertainment industries and join discussion on trending topics from the world , I will write mostly on celebrities from world cinema , sports and Music Industry  and will join discussions on trending topics with the help of social  networking - Arsalan khan